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Ornamental Annuals and Perennials

·         Allow bulb foliage to remain until it browns and dies back naturally. Then, move or divide as needed.

·         Plant gladiolus at 2-week intervals for extended periods of blooming.

·         Plant caladiums, dahlias, cannas, elephant ears and other summer blooming bulbs as ground warms.

·         Plant warm-season annuals and begin fertilizing.

·         Pinch mums to promote bushier plants.


·         Fertilize warm-season grasses like zoysia now.

·         Control broadleaf weeds with a post-emergent herbicide.

·         Maintain proper mowing height for turf species. 1.5-2” for bluegrass, 2-3.5” for tall fescue, and 1.5” for zoysia.

·         Monitor turf for sod webworms emerging now.

Trees and Shrubs

·         Prune spring-flowering shrubs as soon as possible after flowering.

·         Pinch azalea and rhododendron flowers and fertilize after they’ve finished blooming.

·         Spray trees subject to borer damage. Repeat two more times at 3-week intervals.

·         Check pines for sawfly activity on new shoots.

·         Fruit and ornamental trees such as apple, crabapple and hawthorn should be sprayed preventatively to control rust disease.

Fruits and Vegetables

·         Prune suckers and watersprouts from fruit and ornamental trees.

·         Succession plant warm-season crops after harvesting cool-season crops.

·         Monitor for slugs by placing a board over damp soil in the garden. Check under the board each morning and destroy slugs found.

·         Thin root crops like carrots and beets to promote larger produce.

·         Monitor for striped and spotted cucumber beetles, vectors of wilt and mosaic diseases in squash and cucumber plants.

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